Are you alive to your life?

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Perhaps you have noticed that when you get completely stressed, you go into action mode. Or perhaps it’s the opposite: you get completely overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work and you drag yourself through even longer hours to get it all done.
And you crash every few days, as the adrenaline rush disappears, or you crash out of your life, because you have nothing left to give.

You may have picked up a few good habits here and there, but really, truthfully; how many practices that you learned have changed your life, and do you still use today? Out of all the self-improvement books you have read and all the courses and retreats you have been on, which practices have you maintained?

Are you (still) trying to figure out how to fit in more time with your loved ones, go to the gym and practice meditation? It’s not about time management, grinning and bearing it, or the perfect playlist to sit through 10mins of meditation.

Here’s something I would like you to consider: our brains were designed to survive, not to thrive. There is a basic problem / solution mismatch if we keep going to the toolkit that we know. We’re trying to solve state of “being” challenges with a toolkit full of superb, finely-tuned, state-of-the-art tools for our rational minds.

Instead, you can choose how present you are to yourself, and to your life. That does not require tools, it does not come with paraphernalia, cute yoga pants or playlists.
The practice is simple, the benefits are immediate and last a life time.

Experience it for yourself, right now:

1. pause

2. take a breath and follow it all the way in, and then all the way out.

3. take a breath and ask yourself where you feel your body move the most with each breath. Is it your chest, your belly, or somewhere else?

4. place one hand there and feel your body being breathed, for as long as you want.

5. repeat, often!

You can choose to tune in anytime and anywhere.
Your life does not have to pass you by.
All you have to do is to decide.



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